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Meet Me In Toronto

“Meet me in Toronto,” he said. “I’ll come up from Michigan with the cast, and we will meet at the hotel,” he said. “Sure,” I said with my voice full of apprehension.


The Benefits and Obligations of Travelling

Travelling is a great fun activity which I like most. This is a wonderful world, full of natural beauty and man-made attractions. There are many places of historical, cultural and religious significance worth seeing and visiting. Travelling provides an excellent opportunity of visiting the unseen places and meeting people from diverse cultural backgrounds, speaking different languages.

Places to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland otherwise called the ‘roof of the world’ is a land-locked country in central Europe. Bordering five countries: Austria, Germany, France, Italy and Lichtenstein, it is a true paradise.

Unbelievable Events You Don’t Want to Miss in November

Festivals and events are all about celebrating culture, traditions and sharing happiness. In fact, it is the festivals around the world that makes even an unknown city popular on the global platform. There are many travelers who prefer to visit a new place only during events and festivals.

Travelling in Spain – How Different Is It?

What a surprise coning from Britain’s roads to those in Spain. We have only experienced travel in the winter but my daughter tells me they are still comparatively quiet when she travels in the summertime; how different the flow of traffic is.

Discover Ancient Paestum Italy

Situated on Italy’s Salerno peninsula, Paestum is home to some of the world’s best preserved ancient Greek temples. Thus, it is only fitting that this ancient complex has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and a top attraction for visitors to Italy.

Wonderful Red Beach on the Greek Island of Crete

The Greek Island of Crete has so many traits that make it a truly enchanting place to visit. Aside from a splendid landscape and captivating natural sites, it also has a wonderful culinary heritage and lovely seaside villages.

Mistakes When Choosing Waterfront Restaurants

Finding waterfront restaurants is very stressful. It gets even worse due to the numerous factors you have to consider when choosing. Therefore, it is essential to be careful in order to find the best restaurant that can suit your taste.

Dining in Kensington at Its Best

As such a popular area of London, there are plenty of opportunities to experience dining in Kensington at its best. Here are some tips.

A Victorian Christmas in Kensington Palace

It’s really the Victorians that gave us our ‘modern’ idea of Christmas. If you’d like to learn more, the ‘Victorian Christmas’ in Kensington Palace will prove a fascinating exhibition. Early British Christmas Kensington palace was the birthplace and childhood home of the future Queen Victoria.

The Attractions of Christmas in Kensington

Thinking about doing something a little different this Christmas? Then why not try spending Christmas in Kensington? There’s certainly plenty to do.

Plan a Family Getaway to Dalaman

There is plenty to do for families in Dalaman, Turkey. Since everyone in the family usually enjoys different things the variety of attractions will make it a holiday to remember. Adults, kids, teens and elderly travellers will all enjoy making memories in this beautiful and exciting locale. Check out some of the most popular attractions in and around Dalaman, and be sure to secure a Dalaman car rental so the entire family can get around the area with ease. Not a single attraction will be missed because with a rental, there’s no waiting!

Celebrating an Early Christmas in Prague

Christmas in Prague is celebrated early when Saint Nicholas, the Angel and Devil all come to life on the 5th of December. This magical day is termed Mikulas or Saint Nicholas day. The Early Arrival of Christmas – The tradition goes that on the 5th of December the children gather round the three figures of Saint Nicholas, the Angel, and the Devil as Saint Nicholas asks them if they behaved well during the year.

London’s Quirkiest Bars and Clubs

London nightlife boasts some of the quirkiest bars and clubs in the world. They are waiting for you to discover them.

Las Vegas Bus Tours to the Grand Canyon During Thanksgiving Holiday

If you’re headed to Vegas to spend the Thanksgiving holiday, then you’ve got to try a Grand Canyon bus tour. Trips depart once a day in the morning so make sure your up bright and early. Then prepare for an incredible day of adventure.

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