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Three Reasons To Use A Taxi Service From Your Home Or Office

When most people think of enlisting the aid of an airport taxi service, they think of business trips and/or vacations. However, you might want to consider using a cab more regularly, especially when traveling from your home or office. Taking a cab is more convenient than public transit, and it can save you a lot of money over the long term, too, especially if you don’t have complimentary parking at your destination.


The Best Las Vegas Strip Helicopters That Visit The Grand Canyon

There are a lot of options when going from the city of Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, which is just 125 miles away. But if you want the best experience, take a flight that leaves from The Strip. Learn why. Read this article.

Grand Canyon Helicopters Are The Ultimate National Park Thrill Ride

If you are searching for the ultimate Grand Canyon thrill, may I propose taking a helicopter tour. These flights go over the Park, as well as to the top and the bottom. Learn more. Read this article.

The Beautiful Mount Of Beatitudes On The Sea Of Galilee

On the northern shores of the Sea of Galilee, just 3 kilometers from Capernaum, is the beautiful site where Christ gave His longest sermon, The Sermon On The Mount found in Matthew Chapter 5. From there you can see 13 miles across the lake, with scenery that takes your breath away. It is a place where you can leave your anxieties and worries behind.

Las Vegas Helicopters That Fly to Grand Canyon And Land on Bottom

It’s only from Las Vegas where you can take a helicopter ride and land at the bottom of the Canyon. To do this and more, make sure you read this article now.

Why Staff Do Not Take Holidays

Living in Australia is relatively easy when compared to other places. Melbourne is once again voted the most liveable city in the world. There is a culture of “she’ll be right, mate” and “thank God it’s Friday” yet many people tend not to take their annual holidays. Taking a break from work is a time to refresh and perhaps review what’s going on. It is a time for businesses to get on with their business. All good businesses budget holidays for all staff so that an appropriate work/life balance can be maintained. Here we look why staff do not take holidays

Napa Valley Wine Train – California USA

For a memorable dining experience while traveling through an awe inspiring landscape, hop aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train, and you will not be disappointed. Stretching 30 miles, the Napa Valley is situated in Northern California and is one of the top wine growing regions in the world.

5 Games to Play on Long Car Trips

Long car trips can be incredibly boring! Why not alleviate the boredom (and constant ‘Are we there yet?’) with some fun games! Between using your noggin and the passing of time trying to win the game, you won’t even realize you’ve been in the car for three hours.

The Fruits Of Burma, Mango, Papaya And Co Part 2

If you have a soft spot for tropical and subtropical fruits, Burma is the place to be because here they grow. From A as in ‘Awza thee’ or custard apple, as it is called in English, to Z as in ‘Zee thee’ or plum. But there are not only tropical fruits in Burma. Here you get something for every taste even when allowing for the fact that not everyone likes every fruit and that non-tropical fruits like the apple are here not as tasty and juicy as in the countries they are native to. Grapefruit or shaddock or pomelo is locally called ‘Kyew gaw thee’ but do not be mistaken, although the name pomelo is commonly used for both grapefruit and shaddock there are differences between them what goes for the fruits as well as their origin.

The Fruits Of Burma, Mango, Papaya And Co Part 1

Writing about fruits is similar to writing about e.g. flowers and/or vegetables. I think one cannot confine oneself to describing the fruit, flower or vegetable and some of the respective botanical aspects alone but should whenever it is possible and/or makes sense also address their origins, their trees or plants, the issue of symbolism and the uses they are put to – from the kitchen to the religious shrine to the pharmacy, as it were – as otherwise not only the reading about them might become a bit boring but also because the picture will remain incomplete. If you do not agree please tell me of what use it would be to merely tell you bananas and coconuts are growing in Burma and that bananas are yellow and bend whereas the kernel of the coconut is round to oval and brown? You see what I mean?

Our Heavenly Experience at the Flamenco Beach in Culebra, Near San Juan, In Puerto Rico

It was a summery evening, and the heat was pleasantly intense. Wandering through Old San Juan’s blue cobblestone streets hand in hand, soaking up the history of the stately old buildings around us, my fiance and I felt like we had stepped into another era. On some streets, particularly the older ones, we felt as if we were in Spain at the time of the conquistadors, while on others, the French colonial influences were unmistakable, reminding us of New Orleans.

Reminiscences From Our Kauai Getaway

Hawaii had always been on our ‘must see’ list, but it was only this summer that my husband and I, inspired by a Hawaii travel video we’ve seen, decided to pack our bags, grab our Hawaii road map, and head to Hawaii. We didn’t want to rush our holiday or be on the road all the time, so we decided to center our trip on The Garden Island of Hawaii – Kauai – and leave the other islands to some other time. The flight all the way from Mississippi was long, but the lush greenery and the bright, sandy beaches topped by sea cliffs and adorned with enchanting coral reefs cheered us up right away. From the moment we left the Lihui airport we felt as if we had entered a verdant paradise whose lovely sights would stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Great Britain As a Tourism Destination

Steeped in centuries of History, the countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, collectively known as Great Britain have so much to offer the tourist. I am originally from England now living in Canada and to be honest I never appreciated the beauty and history of Britain when I lived there. Now after living in Canada for many years I’ve come to appreciate the history and culture of these magnificent islands that make up Great Britain.

Grand Canyon Helicopters Offer Adventure And Scenic Wonder As Summer Winds Down

The Grand Canyon summer is coming to a close and if you’ve got your heart set on a helicopter tour, now’s the time to do it. Trips depart from Las Vegas and the South Rim. But seats are selling out fast. Learn how to claim yours. Read this article.

What Do You Mean by Food Tourism?

Food and tourism play a major part in the new experience economy. Food is a key part of all cultures, a major element of global intangible heritage and an increasingly important attraction for tourists. The linkages between food and tourism also provide a platform for local economic development, and food experiences help to brand and market destinations, as well as supporting the local culture that is so attractive to tourists.Food tourism is exploring foods of different places be it near or far from your usual place of residence

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