Mie (Shima City): Nature, Resort, Paradise [4K Japan Cinematic]

Hot Stove League for Bargain Hunters

As I write this article it is 28 degrees outside and winter’s grip is fully upon us in the early days of this new year 2017. With that in mind I have for you today my version of baseball’s Hot Stove League. I’m not talking sport however, unless you consider the hunting of curiosities and antiquities to be sport – and many people do.


Life Hacks For The Modern Traveler

Traveling is always a nightmare for many. As a modern day traveler one must know how to travel peacefully to get a nice holiday. This means one must have knowledge of how to pack the luggage without getting bothered with it making your mobility easy. Gadgets help us a lot and for some of us it’s a necessity to carry around, but what happens when the internet connection is limited or is not even there? So here I have some top life hacks for you that will help you in traveling easily whether you travel through land, sea or air.

A Nomad by Blood – Liberia

I have always had the wanderlust gene embedded in my blood. For many years now I have traveled the globe working as a quality specialist having got my early training in Aberdeen after hitch-hiking 960 kilometers to find a job, unsuccessfully I might add, only to get involved in the oilfield a few short months later.

Gather Information and Ideas for an Amazing Holiday

There is so much to think about when you want to travel for a family to have a great holiday together. If things don’t go well, it can be chaos rather than bliss.

Treat Yourself to the Holiday of a Lifetime

Working hard day after day takes a toll on the mind and body. It also takes time away from your family and social activities. Yet it is what we do to pay the bills and give back to society.

Norway – The Country Of Northern Lights

Auroras are a beautiful phenomena of nature and we have a lot of reasons why you should go see them. Read this to find out what they are. Once you realize how special they are, grab your air Canada ticket to Norway and see them with your own eyes.

Remembering Summer in December

You chill out with your friends by the beach, sitting in circle with bonfire at the middle providing you light. You sit, you chill, someone takes out a guitar, he starts to play, you sing. You enjoy, you have fun. You drink, you dance, and you feel free. And you say to yourself: “Summer is love. That’s what”.

The Convenience Of Concierge Services During Holiday Travel

When travelling, you want to have the most relaxing time possible. But with so many things to do it can be really hard to stay relaxed and to have everything in order. Concierge services come into the picture to take the burden off your shoulders so you have lots of time to do what you want to do most not worrying about personal things that need to be done. Concierge services can be residential, corporate or personal; the personal services are what you will need when preparing for a holiday travel.

How Travel Is Reshaping the Fashion Industry

When an Asian tourist of a high socioeconomic status goes to the US and shops fashion accessories; they bring the international market with them. When they catch the attention of the top fashion brands, they cater their needs by those brands. These same brands, having seen the effect of the increase in tourism, have started creating unique marketing campaigns that provide their international buyers. They would provide people with special deals, personal shoppers or even a language translator to help the market grow in their country.

How You Can Have The Time Of Your Life In Singapore

Singapore may be a small place, but do you know how much it has to offer? These are the places you should visit if you want to have fun in Singapore. So what are you waiting for? Grab airline tickets for cheap and fly here today!

What To Do When In Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur – the capital of Malaysia has so much to offer to anyone who’s willing to roam around. Go to this city using Virgin Atlantic Airlines and have an awesome vacation!

5 Reasons You Should Pack Your Bags And Travel – Now or Never!

If you’ve still got your questions about how you can break the tedium of life, then you must travel because that’s exactly what your mind needs and that’s the only thing that can relax your body. So, stop whatever you’re doing and know these 5 reasons that would convince you to travel.

3 Essential Things You Should Carry During A Beach Trip

You have got the lowest airfares on international flights and are all set to spend some days tanning away on a foreign beach. That’s great! But, before you embark on this journey, have you packed in the most essential things you will be needing during the trip? If you have already made many beach trips, you might be aware of some of the these things. If not, then here’s a handy list that will help you pack better for your upcoming trip.

A Tour of the Grandest Museums Around the World

If eyes are the key to your soul, then museums are the key to the past and the future. These amazing museums will give you insight into the world like you’ve never had before. Fly here today and observe the magic! (Don’t forget to look into ways to buy airline tickets, if you don’t have much travel experience).

How You Can See The Real African Glory

In the world around us, Africa is always portrayed as a place filled with poor that cannot stand on its own feet. However, did you know that behind all of that, hides a continent rich in culture and close to the heart of the nature. So visit it, to see the Real African Glory. (And don’t forget to buy cheap airline miles online).

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