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Historical Amritsar and the Golden Temple of India

Historically named Ramdaspur, Amritsar took its name from the words “amrit” and “sarovar”. The word “amrit” means nectar of immortality while “sarovar” means pool.


5 Inexpensive Things To Do Near North Texas This Fall

North Texas is the place to be in the fall. And so many things are either free or reasonably priced. Here are a few suggestions.

The Holy City of Varanasi India

Aside from being one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world, Varanasi is also one of the seven holy cities of Hinduism. Historically, the city in the northern Indian region is called Benares or Kashi, which means “City of Life”.

Why Hire An Expert In Getting A Working Visa Abroad?

Today, more and more people are opting to relocate to another country either for personal reasons or for work. And because of this, getting a working visa is very much needed to ensure a smooth flow of your relocation. However, not many people actually know how all these processes are done.

Jade, Burma’s Green Glory

Burma, since 1989 also called Myanmar, is famous for a number of things and jade is definitely one of them. To be sure, this article is about Burmese jade but when writing (and speaking for that matter) about jade, in general, and Burmese jade, in particular, it is imperative to include China for not only is China the world’s largest market for jade but it also played and still plays a very important role with respect to the topic Burmese jade, and that in more than one way.

Mal Pais Costa Rica

Mal Pais may be smaller than other communities in Costa Rica, but it is undoubtedly one of its most trendy and popular beach spots. Located in the southwestern section of the Nicoya Peninsula, this coastal village is the kind of place stripped of the hustle and bustle familiar to urban living.

Gorgeous Hapuna Beach, Hawaii

When you talk about Hawaii, one of the first things that will probably spring up to mind are gorgeous beaches. Indeed this American state is blessed with wide range of sandy stretches that draw millions of tourists every year.

Cenote Dos Ojos – Mexico

Cave fans will surely find the Cenote Dos Ojos in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, an incredible natural attraction. A cenote (pronounced say-NO-tay) is quite a spectacular phenomena unique to this part of the world.

The Exquisite Tortuga Island in Costa Rica

Tortuga Island is the perfect day trip destination for anyone visiting Montezuma and wanting to explore Costa Rica’s wonderful marine environment. Isla de Tortuga (Turtle) Island has become widely popular in Costa Rica because of its powdery white sand beach and complementing clear turquoise water.

Portovenere – Pride of the Italian Riviera

Blessed by a scenic harbor and adorned with colorful houses; Portovenere is one of the Italian Riviera’s most talked about villages. This lovely village is ideally perched at the edge of a rocky promontory, overlooking a strait.

International Travel Security

When traveling internationally it is important that you take extra steps to protect your safety. Most of the travel rules that you use in the United Sates will apply when you travel to another country.

5 Places in Philadelphia That Are Much Better Seen From a Luxury Limo

The “City of Brotherly Love” is full of sites and attractions that draw people from all over the globe. Some of these attractions are best enjoyed on foot, while others can be better experienced by car. When taking in the following attractions, you may even want to consider Philly limo rentals in order to enjoy them in style.

Experiencing the Montezuma Waterfalls of Costa Rica

When it comes to waterfalls, Costa Rica has a lot to offer, especially around the town of Montezuma within the Nicoya peninsula. This scenic community has long been known for its natural attractions and bohemian vibe.

Burma’s Famous Padamya Nga Mauk

Burma’s famous Padamya Nga Mauk disappeared in the night from 29 November to 30 November 1885, when after the British had occupied upper Burma, the Burmese king Thibaw, his chief queen Supayalat and the royal servants were about to start their journey into exile (first to Rangoon, then to Madras/India and, finally, Ratnagiri/India) and the royal treasures had been handed over to the British Colonel Sladen. There are many descriptions of Nga Mauk’s unprecedented beauty and brilliance, this is one of them. When placed face down on a velvet covered pedestal Nga Mauk shines like a lighted lamp, when immersed in a glass of milk, the colour of the milk turns red and when held in the hand, a red liquid appears to seep through the fingers drop by drop. Wow, that is something, isn’t it?

An Overview of Travel Advisors

There are numerous travel sites, advisors and agents operating across the globe to provide services like booking air tickets for your vacation, accommodation, renting cars for you in the place you intend to visit and giving you suggestions about various tourist attractions and adventure activities, for example snorkeling at a Caribbean island. Good agents work on a one to one basis with every client, giving them advice, and are like a consultant between you and different travel companies. You can depend on his advice to plan your trip or for any change in travel plans, changing your reservation or any …

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