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The Area of Kolkata and West Bengal in India

Stretching all the way from the Himalayas Mountains to the shores of the Sea, West Bengal is usually missed by many travelers who tour India, although this region has its own magic and attractions. The main reason for West Bengal to be underrated by many tourists who travel to India might be the negative reputation and stereotype of the capital of the region, Kolkata, that is often characterized by poverty and many chaos.


Highlights Tourists Shouldn’t Miss in Egypt

The oldest and most glorious civilization in the world, travelers who visit Egypt usually believe they don’t have enough time to explore all the major monuments and highlights of the country. A destination that hosts a huge amount of historical sites, interesting places to discover, and many exciting activities to do, tourists who spend their vacations in Egypt should plan their holidays well in order to make the best of it.

Wondering How To Make Your Travel To Sri Lanka Rock? Read This!

Sri Lanka is filled with all the ancient culture and ruins of religious relics, sandy beaches and impressive coral reefs and lots of local legends. If you are traveling to Sri Lanka, you in the right track of travelling, since Sri Lanka is one of the best travelling destinations in Asia.

Capanna Winery Tour in Tuscany, Montalcino

Sometimes, you taste a wine and it just hits you in totally the right way, creating a memorable experience, something that lingers even longer than the flavors on your palate. Such is the case of the wines from Capanna.

Weekend Gateway in Transylvania

Weekend pick and steps to a relaxed gateway in our favorite place in Transylvania, Valea Verde, Cund village. There are times when you just need a relaxing gateway for the weekend, do nothing but enjoy amazing food and wines, take a long walk, read a book and take a nap in a chaise long during the day. Here are the steps in the pursuit of leisure.

Koh Lanta, Thailand

We’re heading down south Thailand, near the Malaysian border, away from the crowds, in order to absorb Thailand from somewhere a little quieter, Lanta Island. We found Pimalai Resort, located in Lanta Yai island, a paradise in the Andaman sea, where luxury boutique accommodation goes hand in hand with gourmet dining and wining.

The Perfect Tuscan Hideaway

La Dolce Vita – a mix of culinary delicacies, enjoying beautiful landscapes, endless culture and history.. This is what gives the Bel Paese its charm and grace.

The Simple Way Of Brewing San Pedro Cactus

San Pedro cactus is a cactus plant that has pillar with 4 to around 9 ribbons. The plant grows pretty fast and has a root system that is very strong with branching starting from the stem base. The cactus keeps growing until it falls under its weight and after the fall it roots again and produces new branches. The plant has been traditionally used for healing and divination and it’s very popular among shamans.

Best Grand Canyon South Rim Labor Day Helicopter Tours

Visiting Grand Canyon South Rim over the Labor Day holiday? Try a helicopter tour. Pick from a basic 30-minute flight or a deluxe 50-minute tour. Learn which is best for you. Read this article.

Delicacies of Far North Queensland

One of the big attractions of Far North Queensland is its incredible local cuisine. Cairns – When you’re visiting a bigger centre, such as Cairns, you’re going to have at your disposal most of the cuisines of the planet. There are, of course, a lot of convenience food joints here. You’ll get that anywhere in the world.

Lake Victoria in Tanzania

Lake Victoria is the biggest in all of Africa and the second largest fresh water lake in the whole globe. Although not too many travelers who tour Tanzania visit the area of Lake Victoria, this region has a lot to offer especially to those who are fond of the local African life.

On The Road – 5 Awesome Modes of International Transport

Catching public transport just doesn’t have the same appeal at home as it does when you’re travelling. When you’re in a foreign country, the way you get from point A to point B, all becomes part of the glorious, romantic adventure. Whether it’s riding on the back of a motorbike in Indonesia, (without the inhibitions of a helmet) or dodging heart-palpitation-inducing traffic in an Indian rickshaw – the way we travel becomes part of the beautiful fabric of our journey tales. But there are risks and rewards with every option! Here are five of my favourite modes of international transport, the best places to experience them and some of the risks you can choose to either ignore or minimise.

The Canny Traveller’s Guide to Saving Money and Travelling Green

Water bottles, plastic bags and extra clothes are the biggest culprits when we are travelling and we are going to tackle these three items here. There is no denying that a few plastic bags in your backpack can be extremely handy when packing, but it’s bags and bottles have a nasty way of accumulating and when there’s no recycling facilities in your destination country, you can contribute to the toxic fires that usually burn rubbish away.

Take Your Pick Of Adventurous Grand Canyon Rafting Tours This Labor Day

Going to the Grand Canyon for the Labor Day holiday? Try a Colorado River float tour. These trips last a full day and are packed with fun and adventure. But act now. These trips are super popular and tend to sell out. Learn more. Read this article.

Burma’s Most Famous Bridge Soon Irreversibly Lost

The story of the bridge in question begins 10 years prior to its actually being built with a natural disaster of hitherto unseen scale. Owing to the long period of 10 years between the disaster and the bridge’s being build these two events do at first glance not seem to be directly connected but this is not so; they are. Without the particular event the bridge would not have been build – especially not with the material it was built with – and in so far it is safe to say that the event in 1839 and the beginning of the building of the bridge in 1849 are closely related. That is why I say that it is the year 1839 in which the disaster took place and not the beginning of the construction of the bridge in 1849 that constitutes the very beginning of the history of the bridge. This bridge would later be an important traffic connection between the shores of a lake and for both city and region a very important major tourist attraction and significant source of income with tens of thousands of local and foreign users and visitors per year.

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