I Rented Japan’s $800,000 PRIVATE Yacht for a Day | Okinawa

Safety Tips for Girls Traveling Alone

Choose accommodation wisely. Check all the hotel options, location, services they provide and type of rooms. Try to avoid hostels.


Therapeutic Tourism in Jordan

Tourism is considered to be among the most sectors of the Jordanian economy as it represents around 13% of the national income. For example, more than 3.5 million tourists spend their vacations in Jordan in 2009.

Grand Canyon Airplane Tours During Memorial Day Vacation

Going to the Grand Canyon this Memorial Day holiday? Then you’ve got to do an airplane tour. With flights leaving from Las Vegas and South Rim, you’re bound to find the adventure you are looking for. Learn More. Read this article.

Memorial Day Helicopter Rides From Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

Soon it will be Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas, which is the perfect time to do a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. But don’t wait long to book your flight. Tickets will sell out fast. Here are tips on how to get yours.

Travelling Through Spain

Travelling through Spain to the ferry port of Balboa I was surprised to see the ever-changing scenery. The terrain changed every few miles. With numerous places inviting you to stop for refreshments along the motorway; these are probably welcome in the heat of summer, but it is Spring now and the roads are pretty deserted. I do wonder how they make a living in winter.

Dealing With the Unexpected

Well our “winter in Spain” has ended and the ferry delivered us onto English soil and our disasters began. All roads nominated by the sat.nav. were closed. In fading light and occasional street lights we tried to pore over the map, whilst the sat.nav couldn’t understand why we were ignoring instruction and kept telling us to go round the round-about and join the nominated road. Very frustrating! A journey which should have taken us 3 hours took 5 plus hours!

4 Tips to Follow While Driving in the Rain

Driving a car of your own has pleasures in itself where you get to modify things according to your requirements and capabilities. Driving on your own is an art in itself where you need to be perfectly skilled with the techniques where you need to handle your car, keep other passengers safe and keep your eyes on the road to avoid accidents.

Journey by Train in Winter

A journey by train is an interesting experience. It charms our mind and makes us happy. I got a chance to attend the marriage ceremony of my friend last winter-season. My friend is living at Lahore cantonment. I got seats reserved for all of my friends and family members in the first class compartment from Peshawar to Lahore in a Super Express train. On the day of journey, we got up early in the morning and prepared ourselves for journey. We hired a rickshaw for our conveyance. It took almost an hour to reach Peshawar City Railway Station.

Getting India Right

They never do. Western movie and TV show makers. The India they show does not exist.

The Importance of Wi-Fi in a Cab

Wi-Fi in taxi helps you stay connected to your friends and family while travelling. It helps you continue working during your travel,so why wasting time sitting idle while travelling. Enjoy the power of Wi-Fi and increase your connectivity and productivity.

How to Hire a Taxi for Safe and Reliable Medical Transportation

For medical transportation a reliable and safe cab is must. Be careful while choosing a company to get full medical assistance at affordable cost.

How to Find Peace of Mind With a Patient Transportation Service

Need to ride to your appointment? A patient transportation company might be the convenient, stress-free option you need.

Quick Historical Review II: From Arab Conquest to Mamluk Rule

Quick Historical Review II for the Egyptian history from Arab Conquest 640 A.C to Mamluk Rule. Arab Conquest in 640 A.C. In 640 an event took place that deeply affected Egypt. The Arab general Amr ibn al-As,, a companion of the Prophet Mohamed, died 663,, was a leader for an army who came to Egypt through Sinai Peninsula to the Nile Valley, defeating the Byzantines at Heliopolis near what is now Cairo. Within two years the Arabs had triumphed over the Nile Valley, the Delta, and Alexandria, marking the beginning of Islam in Egypt that is lasting until now.

Why NOT Choose My Own Homestay Family?

In this day and age of automated-self-serve-online-do-it-yourself-web-based-point-and-click, it hardly seems necessary to pay the extra $ to a 3rd party company to find homestay accommodation for myself when planning a trip abroad. Or does it?

Get Yourself a Custom Made Suitcase for Better Use

A suitcase is a very catchy term and object. It is very useful in our day-to- day life as we cannot travel without it. For some people it is their way of living.

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