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What Travel Agents Need to Know About Corporate Travel Today

From booking a car or flight to making lunch or dinner reservations, leisure travelers have become used to controlling every step of a trip. But corporate or business travelers have always been there over some corporate bean counter! As business travel has picked up in the last decade than it has ever accelerated, the overseers of company budgets had to permit the digital empowerment of traveling employees. They, the corporate travelers tentatively embrace the sharing economy.


Party Guides During Melbourne’s Spring Carnival

Melbourne Spring Carnival is one of the much awaited even in Australia this year. Join the celebration by having a party at home with these Spring Carnival party ideas.

North Eastern Tanzania

For not less than two millenniums, the area of northeastern Tanzania has been quite attractive and appealing for travelers. From all over the globe, tourists used to travel to Tanzania specifically to explore the North Eastern region.

In the Land of Shigmo and Bonderam – Goan Festivals

Goa is a popular tourist destination but it is much more than night parties, casinos and beaches. Goa is very rich in culture and festivities. Read to know more about some festivals of Goa.

Bangkok, A City Filled With Wonders

Bangkok is a city like no other and there is every reason to put it in your bucket list. Here are some of the reasons why planning a trip soon is a must!

Why Bangkok Is One Of The World’s Most Popular Touristic Destinations

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand and the largest city in the country became an extremely popular destination among travelers who tour Thailand. There are many reasons behind this popularity the city gained in a considerably short period of time. There are some activities to be carried out and places to explore in Bangkok that are not to be compared with anything else in the whole globe.

Top Canary Wharf and Docklands Restaurants

Staying at the top five star hotels in Canary Wharf in London, you will enjoy the benefits of outstanding on-site restaurants and twenty four hour room service, but sometimes you will want to go and try some of the other restaurants in the area and experience a host of different flavours. Canary Wharf and the Docklands have no shortage of superb restaurants, all offering a choice of cuisines and dishes to ensure you have a great experience when visiting the area. Whether travelling on business and looking for somewhere to finish off a business meeting or on holiday and looking for that romantic restaurant where you can relax and enjoy yourselves.

What Makes London a Top Tourist Destination?

What makes London a top tourist destination, in addition to it being the capital city of England? When planning a holiday, whether you live in the United Kingdom or you are travelling from abroad, you may be wondering what makes this city holiday experience such a popular one and why millions of visitors pour into London each and every year with visitor numbers growing on a daily basis.

Reasons You May Want to Stay in Canary Wharf on Your Next Visit to London

Canary Wharf is set in the heart of the business hub, yet it is the ideal place to stay when visiting London. Commonly known as the business hub, this area is brimming with restaurants, pubs and more, not to mention it is on the transport route, so you can get in and around London with ease and within minutes.

The Highlights of a 10 Day Majestic Morocco Private Tour

The Highlights of 10 Day Majestic Morocco Private Tour is one of the most remarkable packages we offer for our guests who wish to enjoy their vacations in Morocco. Away from the advantages of enjoying a private tour where everything would be customized to meet your needs, requirements, and wishes, this tour offers an amazing blend of all the most important highlights of Morocco.

Sri Lanka: A Home Full Of Riches

Sri Lanka may be a small island but its riches go above and beyond its own borders. A country enriched with history, culture, heritage, glistening beaches, clear blue seas, indigenous medicine, nature, wildlife, spiritual experiences, religious festivals and breath-taking landscapes at its core.

The Most Important Attractions of China

China has always been known, since ancient times, for its old civilization that left behind some quite interesting monuments and historical sites that travelers who tour China explore every day. This is in addition to a large number of marvelous natural beauty including mountains, wild animals, and seas and oceans as well.

Attractive Services for Visitors As Sri Lanka Tour Packages

Going on vacation is an exciting time, whether for a romantic getaway, thrilling new adventure or a good old family holiday. When it comes to holidays to Sri Lanka, you could try out many more Sri Lankan websites which provide Sri Lanka tour packages with the intend to make your holiday plan amazing and memorable.

Spending Your Holidays to Sri Lanka With Pleasure

When you plan your holidays to Sri Lanka, there are a couple of things to consider before making up your itinerary. The best way is to find out a great and reasonable website which consists of Sri Lanka tour packages.

Different Color Passports – What They Actually Mean

Passport are so common for every individual of every country but if you take some time to notice, you will find that they come in different colour. So do these colour mean anything? Yes, of course they do. The article explains what every passport colour means and on what basis they are decided.

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