DIY S’mores Dessert Board for the Campfire or Fire Pit

Quick Historical Review I

Egypt was one the most civilized and well developed countries on earth at that time that was bestowed a river floods regularly and fertilizes the land with soil pushed by the floodwaters from the high plateau of Ethiopia which also constituted a shield against the attacks of the invaders. The people were obedient to the rulers who ensured justice and faithful to a pantheon of gods and goddesses who they believed ensured their goodness in this life and hereafter. The achievements of the ancient Egyptians are several and countless. They used unique method in architecture, building relaxing and restful homes in addition to monumental tombs and temples that were built using wood joined together.


Fiesta Time in the Spanish Mountains Is a Rich Experience

Fiesta Tine in the Spanish Mountains is a rich experience. We recently experienced the generous hospitality of the Spanish people. We are wintering on the coast in Spain and haven’t ye t made Spanish friendships here, but my daughter has a house in the mountains and her life is much different. She has made friends with several Spanish families. We were all invited to a village fiesta held out side a village church, flowers, beautifully arranged filled the little church, brought back from an earlier procession.

9,000 Feet Above Ground

If you are looking for something new and challenging, why not trek the highest mountain in the Philippines? It would be an experience you will never forget.

5 Tips for Hiring Taxis Without Spending a Fortune

It is true that nothing comes for free in this world but that does not mean that you have to pay the extra bucks for everything. You should keep this in mind while hiring a taxi too. Whenever you are thinking of travelling comfortably from one place to another, a cab is the first thing that comes to your mind.

What You Can Get From A Food-Centric Experience Package

Going on a vacation will entail a lot of important things. Taking advantage of the affordable packages will certainly save you a significant amount of money.

Six Things That Can Get You Killed On Abuja Roads

This article highlights some of the dangers that users face on Abuja’s beautiful roads. In fact, it offers some street smart tips on how to stay safe on the roads in Nigeria’s most beautiful city.

My Driving

I am driving along that long dark ribbon. That long seemingly interminable ribbon. 155 miles to work.

10 Tips For Finding Where African-Americans Hang Out In Any City You Visit

Ever visited a city and asked, where are the black people? This question seems to be echoed by many African-Americans when visiting different U.S. cities. In most cases, black people are there, but you have to know where to hang out. This article will give you helpful tips and suggestions for finding the hotspots frequented by African-Americans in any city.

Vacations In Iceland

One of the remarkable Scandinavian countries, Iceland is located at the heart of the Atlantic Ocean and it belongs to the European Continent. Located near the North Pole, the country is an isolated island that offers the guests who spend their holidays in Iceland a unique experience difficult to be found anywhere else in the world.

Las Vegas St Patrick’s Day Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

If you are in Las Vegas for St. Patrick’s Day holiday, make sure to add a Grand Canyon helicopter ride to your list of things to do. Flights take off daily, but book early as we are expected to sell out.

How You Can Save Money On Your Honeymoon Package

After you marry the love of your life and spend every dollar that you have in your budget on a wedding, you are worried that you are not going to get a honeymoon that you will enjoy. This trip is supposed to be one that you remember for a lifetime and you want to make sure that you remember it for all the right reasons. By following a few tips, you will get the honeymoon package you have been dreaming of.

Keys To Planning Cheap Package Holidays

When the time comes to book a vacation, there is a lot to do to get organized. You have to sort through the hotels, airline flights, and local attractions to plan out your itinerary. If you are unsure what you are looking for, or if you do not have the time to put together a plan, it is often better to create a combination deal with cheap package holidays.

Try a Las Vegas Grand Canyon Spring Break Helicopter Tour

Ready to something incredible for Spring Break? Try a Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas or Arizona. Trips depart daily. But book soon as this is a busy time and the best trips sell out.

Grand Canyon Spring Break Helicopter Tours From Las Vegas And Arizona

Want to visit the Grand Canyon during Spring Break? Then do it via helicopter. Tours leave from Las Vegas and South Rim and there are tons of options for everyone. Learn which one is right for you. Read this article.

The Greatest Events in the African Natural World

Africa is a land of unparalleled natural beauty begging to be experienced. Some of its greatest wonders are ephemeral events that only the lucky or the foresighted get to experience.

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